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And finally I made a blog after I got quite a lot of suggestions from people to publicize my  poems.! It will all be about poems and some quotes  of my own. I don’t write on any particular topic. My poems can make you feel goosebumps or make you smile like an idiot! They might be dark, deep and cold ones as well as lovely, bubbly and nice ones. 

Featured post

Memories from the Incipient Sands of Childhood

Thoughts of the past swirl round in the head

The time of childhood is already dead

Life was simple, carefree and easy

Life was like the wind silent and breezy

It was the time when I lived in dreams

In my mind running many themes

I dreamt of being a mermaid

In the nightshade

No tension, no worries

These were my sweet memories

Evanescent recollection of friendships

Then, it bloomed like tulips

Sorrows didn’t knock my door

And never lead to a teary downpour

As I reminisced about the ephemeral days

Which in my heart are forever engraved

That time is soo nostalgic

It always leaves me ecstatic!


Little Brother,Your untouched innocence

Has so much elegance

One look into eyes

And I can remember of the fireflies

That little spark

Will let you fly like a lark

Your flawless little face

Gets me on apace

Your fingers when tangled with mine

I feel it so divine

Your  heart-melting smile

Makes my life worthwhile!❤

Mean Girl

She was special

The one and only jewel

In the world that’s so virtual

The stares she got were so unusual

People made them so obvious, thinking she won’t see them getting envious

Her charm, her beauty, her lifestyle

That never fails to beguile!

This was her profile.

To all those rumours that weren’t true

For which she never had a clue!

Saying things behind her back

Was indeed their drawback

These people who never are true

Not only to themselves but others too

To this interesting girl I’d say that

You always Slay!! 



Roses are red and pizza sauce too

I ordered one and it’s not for you

The sizzling cheese

And the sprinkled chilles

Hot and sweet

I love to eat

It can light up my mood

Chicken stewed or barbequed

With delight I chewed

And then kaju barfi, kulfi, jalebi or misti doi

I’d always enjoyy!!



By a route obscure and lonely

In the night only

Where I entered arbitrarily

Into it blissfully

Yeah! It’s a dream

A dream in the past

Where anger and ego 

No longer last

A dream where there’s no hate

And for that day I can’t wait

A dream in today

Is about the things we do and say

And people are no longer led astray

A dream in tomorrow

Where I dream there’s no longer sorrow

A tomorrow in peace

Where joy and happiness never cease

I have a dream that the things I dream

Become reality and just not remain a dream

I pray that these come true

And also the ones which I pray for you!

A dark night led into a beautiful world

Indeed it’s Dreamworld!!!


Beautifully Awkward

It just started off without any expressions, 

No promise, no words, acceptance, rejections, 

A name pops up which isnt a name, 

A name which is, in love with the game, 

A game I call the play of words, 

An array of words that light up our worlds, 

Shes not just any girl, she is, a poet, 

Her words are a drug, does she even know it? 

Her thoughts are so loud, yet closed away from the world, 

That’s beautifully awkward, isnt it girl?



I met him as a stranger

I got to know him as a friend

I feel that he is God sent
So similar we are

Though miles afar

Our tastes are so at par
He puts a smile on my face

And got me off pace

So was the case
I feel that he is a dark poet too

I wish that I never say adieu

To have met him, I felt was a virtue
If smiling or saying Hi brought sparkle to his eyes

I’d never say Goodbye

To say that I wasn’t glad to meet him, would be a lie.     


Soul Searching

The hidden poet in me was under suppression

Untill I faced a chaos of depression

Trying to get a solution

When everything was just an illusion
Help me dear

Do not let off this tear

I’m already in fear

Because of my love that was sincere
Guide me through diversions

Help me in my ambitions 

Cheer up my emotions

And erase all my notions



Your words felt like a thunderbolt

When you said those 3 precious words

I thought making it up with you

But it was like a shield meeting a sword

But now the things have changed so….
I was in an unwarily state

So my verdict was No

I knew you were crestfallen

But what could I do

I was foolish to know what was true

But now the things have changed so… 
And my verdict was Yes again

And I knew this time you would sustain

And this time I’ll regain your love

And never let you go again

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